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Originally posted by SPINMASTER X
Leo, Dragunov and Marduk? With weeaboo loli characters like Alisa in the cast those are characters you'd choose to cut? What has become of Tekken players these days? smh.

I too thought that these were not so bad charactrers and didn't need to get cut. Then I understood Suzako was just fucking with that other guy who first said the cast needed to get cut. If you go to the other guys profile, he plays those character, so I guess Suzaku was making a point that if you want to cut characters, you must be willing to see your favorite go away! I agree.

Me myself wouldn't cry if the cast actually got a little smaller. Obviously Alisa should go. she seems like a Blazblue character to me. Lars need to be nerfed. I don't care about Bob, he is fat and ugly and overpowered. Law and Steve should be nerfed as well. Do we need both Baek and Hwoarang? Only one kickspamming douchebag is enough. We can keep Eddy and cut Christie. I don't care for Kuma/ Panda and even though I play Roger Jr., I wouldn't mind removing all the animals from the series. It just make the whole game a bit cheesy. Also King and Armor King seems overkill. And who plays Ganryu, Yoshimitsu and Zafina? Like 5 people in the whole world?? Either make them better (because they seems cool and have distinct playstyle), or just take them out!

And there you go! Cast will be a little smaller, some few will bitch at first, but the game will be much more comprehensible for most people (new people) to get in to. We need more people to play Tekken. In my whole country there are only 25-30 people playing Tekken. I'm not kidding!

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