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Originally posted by DrBhup666
Yeah, she is a high risk, high reward kind of character. Baiting and crushing is a fundamental part of her gameplay, but in order to do that effectively you need to have great movement. You need to know how to backdashcancel and bait for whiffs and punish them accordingly. Most scrubs don't know how to move properly in Tekken in general, because the basic movement like BDC is so frikin difficult.

ws1 and ws4 from db1 is a good idea. Mixing of grabs into the gameplay is always a good idea since only a fraction of those who play Tekken are able to break throws.

You can use b1+2 when you know the opponent is going to attack after they block something that is only -4, -5 or -6 or something like that. Qcf2 --> block --> b1+2 hits them more often than not. Because they block they think they can attack, but with b1+2 Lili takes a step back and they often whiff whatever they desided to throw out and you get a counter or a clean hit. You can juggle if they get hit on counter. I still don't like to use b1+2 too much because it is -16, thus being launch-punishable on block.

And what do you mean by 3+4? How do you incorporate that with b1+2 against aggressive opponents?

IMO, her movement is the best, feisty rabbit,snake dash,crouch cancels, i really like it, especially feisty rabbit, its a nerf version of ling's spin... grabs from snake dashes are incredibly awesome.. and mix ups from crouch cancels are ridiculous ...

lili's indepth gameplay is very perplex ,far from her newbie version

3+4 is an awesome move when your trapped in a wall... example, a ling or eddy cornered you, they go into their own stance... do a 3+4 and it beats every single option they have, since divine step crushes everything
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