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Originally posted by tyler2k
Can anyone test if his reversal still has godly range, e.g. can hit out of normal limb range? Possibly range 2+?
What is abnormal is not the range but the animation. Reversed Kings long jumping unblockable yesterday which looked very weird especially as the animation is so fast unlike Feng's that I'm used to.

Originally posted by Draakur
You're completely right about this - apologies, my mistake. I was certain I'd reversed some magic 4s with it, but I tested again after you posted and yeh, only punches by the looks. Sorry fellas.
I was going to say...

Can't be chickened either FYI

Originally posted by UncleKitchener
Does it wall splat?
No. [edit] unless it's range dependant I don't think I've seen it at many different distances from the wall.
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