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never knew the b3~3,2 can work. won't it mes up the b3,2 string? have you tested this out thoroughly? this is something new, will definitely try it out soon. what i did was b3,2 tap forward/5 then continue with jun's 1,1,4. but i didnt manage to land it all the time.
anyways discovered new combo earlier, jun's btw:

ss4, b4,2, f3, f1+2, 1+2B!, ff2,3
this is somehow possible, but havent tested it out throughly. i'm assuming the fella backrolled:
ss4, db4,1+4,2, d2B!, ff2,3.

will post a follow up to this once tested it out thoroghly. hard to do tests here coz its either do or die because it's quite pricey here =_=
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