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Originally posted by Kknight
i wonder what nin was like when he was at evo a couple of years ago. did he refuse to shake peoples' hands and told them "you suck. learn to play, and come to a KOREAN arcade?"

maybe he was more realistic and realized that people can't travel more than a few miles and throw more than 20 down in an arcade. i'm not just calling out aris here, there's a lot of offline "you just don't know..." types here and over in srk who are amazingly unrealistic.

people know there's a huge difference between offline play and online play. i grew up on offline, and as much as i hate playing online, it's all i got. really, it's something called reality. if i was rich, i'd buy a multi-stop plane ticket to japan and korea to play the best at ST, bbcs and tekken. not only would i be playing the top players in the world, there would be better diversity of characters to play against, and they would be playing the latest versions of each franchise.

anyway, if it's so easy for someone to go to an arcade to know what it's really about, then i'll see you in japan in a few months.

...Nin told a woman "Tekken is a MAN'S game" after beating her and made her cry on the mainstage at an event... Compared to that, what Aris did was absolutely nothing.

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