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Originally posted by Rip
Thanks man, appreciate it. I have a feeling if SRK would just cover it once it would get a lot more exposure but theyre not into Tekken unless its a tutorial or korean high level play (they didnt even put up SCR Top 4 for TTT2). Which sucks because I think a lot of the SRK community need to see that Tekken can be entertaining. But yea, since theyre not gonna do it, SPREAD THE WORD!

Really? SRK has refused to cover these? I guess I could understand it on earlier episodes where you were playing against random people online but this latest for example wasn't like that. Maybe you should try to offer this whole Aris vs Peanut episode to them again. If they don't pick it up, their loss.

Though, what about Namco itself? Do they have some sort of fan-community site for Tekken where you guys could be featured? Or are they going to build one for Tag2 to promote it - not a bad idea IMO. If not bogus journeys, maybe levelupyourgame-episodes. They really should try to tie fans together in one place and advertise that website in the game itself as a place of learning and discussion. Doesn't Filthierich post on these forums? Maybe you guys could have a talk about these things and what could be done to spread the knowledge and fun around.

And if all else fails, try bribing Harada with a bottle of Tequila sometime
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