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Originally posted by 3L1
Can you imagine how much better the scene could be if online players came to tournaments?

I think Tekken REALLY needs this to happen

Originally posted by DrJones
The whole show has really good picture/sound quality and RIP can keep the conversation flowing so it never gets dull with bunch of guys just playing in silence. Plus his voice is clear and doesn't make your ears bleed. It is a real pity that these episodes have gotten only a few thousand views. Is there anyway to get more visibility to these?

Thanks man, appreciate it. I have a feeling if SRK would just cover it once it would get a lot more exposure but theyre not into Tekken unless its a tutorial or korean high level play (they didnt even put up SCR Top 4 for TTT2). Which sucks because I think a lot of the SRK community need to see that Tekken can be entertaining. But yea, since theyre not gonna do it, SPREAD THE WORD!
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