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Originally posted by Draakur
It's good yeh, I keep it in my game. Generic, in the sense that yes, it reverses both mid/high punches/kicks. Open frames 2-10, so slightly larger window than is typical I think?

I have yet to parry any kicks at all. Tested a few times too, but doesnt work.

Tested Ub15 as oki today. D4 works wonders. It hits side/tech rolls and even backrolls(have to test this out more).
If opponent backrolls, d4 may hit them, which spikes them again.

However, d4 can be blocked by quick standing and blockng low.

My u4 has never hit a back roll at all. Only hitting quick stand into block low.

edit: The BT thing was lulz. It was because my opponent side roll after ub1 and d4 hit them, and then he tried to back roll, making d4 hit him BT.

Now I wonder if d4 spikes people again during techroll.

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