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going for an iWS move especially ws+1,4 sounds great but it's too much of an effort especially after so many hits including the TA.

on the other hand: none of us are talking about ws+3, both asuka and jun. no one uses this move out of the blue and there are better punishers against low attacks with big negative frames. but for players like me who uses it anyway (as a punisher) as a muscle memory, TA combos off of it are worth mentioning.

ws+3, 2,1,1+2, TA, f+3,IZU,2, db+4,3
ws+3, f+3,IZU,1+2, TA, b+2,4,3, ff+2,3

note: these are still my ideas. my combos off ws+3 for both characters sucks atm. gonna test tomorrow.
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