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must've missed it completely because i'm more active in jun thread lately. or was that where you posted it? anyway, 1+4 should be a muscle memory for those who use b+3 often.

oh well, might as well share my asuka/jun b+3 staples now that i'm actually using it again.

b+3,4, b+4,2, TA, b+2,1,4, 2,3
b+3,4,3~5, f+3,IZU,1+2, TA, 2,3, wr+3
or simply tagging in jun
b+3,4,3~5, f+3, b+2,1,IZU,1+2, B!, ff+2,3

and a low parry combo tagging in jun
db+4,3~5, f+3, b+2,1,IZU,1+2

edit: just a few more tests, and i'm thinking about doing a jun/asuka thread. only got 3 weeks left here in the phils and moving back to ttt2-less vancouver.

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