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Looking forward to seeing what you do with Feng Scrub_Zilla! I remember watching one of your matches, he was pretty solid!

Adipati I have to confess... the reason why I picked up Feng was REALLY scrubby....

I was playing T5 mains at the time was Hwoa, Steve, and Raven. I fight a Feng player, and he totally KICKS MY ASS! But it was different, what I noticed this time was the fact that he juggled me.

I thought Feng was the ONLY character in all of T5 that was able to juggle . .. .

So I picked him up immediately to take andvantage of his brokeness... only to realize everyone can do it. However I really liked Feng, and I won with him WAY more than I did with anyone I continued.

I don't think I'd be ANY happier with any character other than Feng so it was meant to be lol.

So yea...I hope this thread gets really active when tag 2 hits. I want Feng to get some spot light damnit!
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