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as an asuka player for years baiting whiffs has been my hobby. i also bait whiffed Tag Crashes but this is something i've never seen even in match videos so far. might be a little heads-up for those who don't know.

if opponents whiff their Tag Crashes, you can pick them up as if they are backrolling (or rolling towards you). pickups like df+1 or 1+4, even b+4,2 and d+2 will punish whiffed Tag Crashes. and so far these are my options:

1+4, b+4,2, TA, b+2,1,4, f+1+2
uf+4,3, TA, b+2,4,3, b+2,1,IZU,1+2

anyone who can share pickups with better damage will be appreciated.
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