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Originally posted by OffInBed
I promise you not many people would be side stepping and launching the way Knee was going about it. That was pure skill coming from Knee as far as not letting his opponent get what he needs to win.

And of course it never occured to you that ss is easier in TTT2, back to T5DR dynamics and not as in T6. And that characters like Feng got nerfed hard again because of that. You will never understand the fundamentals of this game because youre too fanboi.

Lol@you for thinking you know this game better than I do.

I grow weary talking to people like you. It is not an opinion that I state. It is a fact that Feng is lower tier. It is how this game is coded. If you can understand the code, it is actually quite simple. Almost written on the wall. But the coding is foreign to you and to you it looks like hieroglyphs.

Hao the beast. This is why Hao is the number one Feng player in the world. But alas, even Hao has trouble winning against two S tier characters. It is what it is. Only practice is a beast.

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Man, his jin is fking awesome btw.