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A random thought crossed my mind while studying:

Asuka's db4,3 and Lili's ws2 are both tag launchers and both used in some juggles.


Lili: launcher (e.g. df+3+4), db1, ws2~5, (Asuka) 2,1,1+2, B!, (Asuka B! ender)
Asuka: launcher (e.g. b+3), db4,3~5, (Lili) df3+4, BT1+2, B!, (Lili B! ender)

If these juggles are possible, it would mean they would work well together to remove red health, having tag launchers that are used mid-juggle. (both juggles also have 6 hits pre-B!)

Any Lili/Asuka players out there who could try this out? ^^


Also, with a Lili/Asuka-team, it's probably better to use Asuka on point. According to the allegiance-chart from Arcadia, Lili likes Asuka, but Asuka hates Lili. So Lili will rage faster, when Asuka's getting hit. And Asuka won't rage at all, I guess? :p