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Originally posted by pIchu
About CH SS+4 on wall into d/f+2,2... I haven't tested but I'd say it does hit. d/f+2,2 works a splat and one hit on the wall so if it doesn't work straight up, maybe you can squeeze in a d/f+1? I'll test tomorrow if I remember.

Otherwise, I wonder if u/f+4,3 would work? I know that it works on wall as a TA but don't know as a post TA bound move.

haven't thought about using uf+4,3 as a wall B!. i guess if df+2,2 fails to follow up a ch ss+4 near the wall uf+4,3 might do the work but i haven't seen anyone use it as a wall B!

on the other hand, i'm still trying to figure out what's the best wall TA combo using jun as main. as of now what i do is (asuka, jun) wallsplat, df+2,2, b+2,1,4, f+2.

ps: hopping from one character thread to another is foreign for me atm. the asuka section (since t5) is bookmarked in my firefox since 2006 lol.
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