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Originally posted by Yuki Hime
Nakakatempt mag-Jun. Must resist!!!

by the name of god, jun is a really good character. i feel she's going to be mid-high tier in the long run. her options off db+1 after B! is braindead insane. df+4 is your pick-up/OTG friend here.

my new staple: still using asuka and jun
ch uf+3, db+4,3~5, f+3,IZU,1+2, TA, db+4,3, wr+3

i think d+4 is guaranteed after my uf+4,3 combo that i listed previously. if opponent loves pushing buttons, go for a full d+4,4. a wall hit will be a bonus.

1+2 is also cool for CH hunting since it gives the same breakable stun like her and asuka's ws+1+2. dunno about the frames to impact but it looks 14 or 15. follow up CH 1+2 with f+2 if the opponent can't F break the stun.

ss+4 works very well near walls since it gives guardstun and juggles on CH.

oh wait, i'm in asuka forums...

well, she still feels the same BR asuka to me except for b+3 which 4 is no longer hit confirmable. can-can is my new panic button now instead. and the addition of the ff+2 series is a very good touch for her wall game. oh, and 2,1_,2,3. we have a punisher, hooray!
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