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Originally posted by eleetplayah
might be posting quite regularly again since i'm ditching blazblue until it is no longer a continuum shift game and gonna play a lot more jun/asuka. i've no idea how to type down the tag assaults properly, but these are what i've worked on so far:

i find out that asuka's strings are a lot better for following up jun's main launchers like her f+2, FR and uf+4,3, and asuka has a lot of better bound moves. also, tell me if TA stuff is understandable if i type it this way: blue text as asuka and red text as jun

asuka as main:
1+2, b+4,2, TA, b+2,1,4, dash, f+1+2
f+2_df+2_FR, uf+3, b+4,2, TA, b+2,1,4, dash, f+1+2
b+3,4,3, 2,1,1+2, TA, ff+2,3, wr+3 (doesn't work on bears)
ch uf+3, db+4,3, d+2, TA, b+2,1,4, dash, f+1+2
wallsplat, b+4,2, TA. b+2,1,1, f+1,4

jun as main:
f+2~5, uf+3, b+4,2, TA, b+2,1,4, dash, f+1+2
uf+4,3, TA, b+2,4,3, dash, b+2,1,izumo,1+2
FR~5, b+2,1, b+4,2, TA, ff+2,3, dash, f+1+2
ch uf+3, db+4,1+4,izumo,1+2, TA, 2,3, wr+3

Nakakatempt mag-Jun. Must resist!!!