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f+1+2 is safe by itself but if it's transitioned from anything (e.g. b+2,1), then it becomes unbelievably unsafe.

inatekken has f+1+2 at +5. f+1+2 from a transition is -15! That's a 20 frame difference.

From what I've seen, you can't cancel the stances into regular moves. You either gotta wait til the end of the animation or do a move from it.

Haven't used WS+1,4 much yet but I don't see how it's not safe on block. I usually end up doing the follow ups anyway (WS+1,4,2_1+2).

Haven't tested the tracking properties of u/f+4,3. Every time I land it, it seems to be crushing or hitting crouching. Should probably test it sometime... but it's still pretty expensive to play here in Australia.