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think of it as any class A~5, eg EWGF~5, Asuka uf3, 2,1,2,1,1+2b!_or any of her staples into her staple post b! combos to take of red life (which should be your main combo focus)

and if you choose to TA! insert any staple TA! filler for your character, eg Jun ff2,3_jaycee f2,2,1. recommended TA! filler should be strings/single hits that give a high float for easier post TA! combo enders

post TA! eg, after Jun ff2,3 TA! filler, iwr3_f1+2_ff2,1_1+2 works well with asuka

if you're TA! with asuka b2,4,3 for a high float and wall carry or 2,3 if your pre-TA! combo was long

at the wall her old combos eg. b2,1,4 works fine when TA! at the wall, not so sure about post TA!, maybe the same, b4,2 is always consistent
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