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you really shouldnt jugde someone from just a few matches.
its disrespecting him, you know

take WCG2011 world finals. scrubs would say that JDCR sucks. But, we all knew better right?

better player will wait, and see.

i have watched Hao vs Knee matches.
and no wonder Hao lost, he made so many unnecessary mistakes.
- Tag in-s. Anyone had played TT2 before must have known that, its dangerous to tag in normally, escpecialy when our opponents is standing near. If you wanna tag in, use tagdive_tagslide. Less risk. Hao tag in Heihachi when bryan was standing ready. Thats suicide.
- A lot of missed juggle combos. (1:19). He should just use f34 instead of 3~4,4.
- A lot of whiffed moves. (3:11). Knee JU punish him. Why? Isnt that obvious? To get launched when we whiifed something in the front of out opponents face?

Hao is just having his offdays.

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