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Seriously Kiwi..I would love to see you play Tekken. Everything you post is just SO illogical.

When Feng missed that SS4? Knee was tech rolling and Hao did it too early. You don't even understand the mechanics of Tekken.

Hao was losing not because Feng sucks, KNEE IS MUCH BETTER THAN HAO RIGHT NOW. I promise you not many people would be side stepping and launching the way Knee was going about it. That was pure skill coming from Knee as far as not letting his opponent get what he needs to win.

Are you kidding me? WS+1 no longer effective? That shit got even BETTER! It's a 13 frame move now. A DREAM COME TRUE!!

What do you mean punish jabs got nerfed? What? 1,2,2 is now -15 on block? SO WHAT!?
If you're supposed to be PUNISHING with them only, then you'll never have to worry about it getting blocked -_-

Ha...using wr+1 and b4? That's a pretty stupid argument you got there. If you do wr1 then B4 right after in T6.. you can STILL get jab interrupted!!!! The only reason why people do that is because most of the time your opponent will try to side step right after they block wr1. b4 is merely being used to prevent them from side stepping right after blocking wr1, it's the safest way to do so, but it was NEVER safe to begin with!

Btw..YOU STILL THINK TIER REALLY MATTERS!!!! Feng could be E tier for all I care. I'm STILL going to win my matches against WHOEVER THE HELL I WANT.

Why do you post in Feng hate him s0o0o much.
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