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omg it is absolutely ridiculous what some characters can get away with. bryan still has unbelievable damage and insane wall carry. Add hwoarangs unblockable in there and you have one sick team.

Meanwhile you people are trying to tell me that fengs new tools are any good? Wake up man. We got nerfed hard.

knee vs hao, knee - 5, hao - 0
Old feng tricks no longer work. We no longer have 2~1 tech trap, our damage increased slightly only because the energy bar decreased but meanwhile other characters damage are still insanely high. Our wall tricks got nerfed severely. Even our punish jabs got nerfed. ss4 doesnt catch opponent against the wall. Our frames got nerfed here and there. Mostly nerfs, they give us a little bit here, but take away something else in return. In other words, we are doomed for low tier.

Couple of things I noticed in that VIP match up. Playing Fengs wr1 + mixup tricks = no longer as effective as in T6 and T6BR. Hao seems to have lots of trouble playing those tricks on knee. 1 whiff and knee pretty much killed feng on the spot. AKA we got nerfed again.

ss4 on wall didnt catch knee.
High damage offense is still WAYYY >>>>> turtle style
Is there even any use in our old f212? Shit this move sucks now. It was nerfed so hard in T6BR that we only used it against the wall anyway. But with other moves taking over that role there is no point in f212.

The other new low-high move that some of you thought would pick grounded opponents (especially after CH qcf1) doesnt catch opponents unless they backroll. So basically its another worthless feng tool that if guessed correctly can give us another give or take 15% damage but most of the time it will be worthless because we have to guess what our opponents will do (srl, srr, get up low, get up high, back roll, front roll, quick up left, quick up right, springboard = so about 10% chance on getting correctly) and we will have like 10 options for which move to use and we have to chose 1 (so another 10% chance on picking the right move, hey that works out to about 1% on actually guessing correctly and using the proper move for big damage. WHAT A TRADE OFF WHOOHOO!!!! /end sarcasm). Guess wrong and "tough luck pal, better luck next time". Except that there wont be a next time cos we just bagged in another loss. WTF MAN.

Our new bt tricks are so easy to counter, so this is what they didnt wanted to give us in T6 and T6BR. and now they finally give us two unsafe & low damage offensive moves where we can use BT in an offensive manner and ...ULTRA FAIL.

Hao vs Help me

uf2 got nerfed severely. The move WAS great in T6BR (even after namco nerfed it) but with TTT2 dynamics of calling in other teammate, this move is now close to useless. Not only has it become close to useless but youre gonna whiff and your opponent can launch you when he tags by running in and doing something as simple as df2.

high damage + huge hit range are still kings. And feng has neither.
Stuff like wr1 + b4 dont even work now anymore. You just get blocked and jab punished. So you cant spam that shit anymore. fengs pokes really took a frame data nerf.

@last match. You think hao is going full mishima and dropping feng? Cos Im feeling a very bad feng vibe right now aswell. I may still play him but no longer as main.

[quote=MiyusRibbons]Unless someone discovers some big flaw or bug with a character we're probably gonna see a lot less movement from the coming lists, so don't hold your breath for Feng going A tier as he's been mid/low table for all but one list.[/QUOTE];pagenumber=46
omfg truth hurts so much right now. Is there even a point in still playing him.

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