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Originally posted by Pixel
Oh yeah, I forgot about Asuka's d/f+2, although it is actually usable in T6 unlike it was in T5DR. Anyway, let's talk about Asuka. This is what I can gather from the Asuka forums. Looks buffed to me, and not just in the breast physics.

I've gone into pretty good lengths on Asuka already in this thread.

Her biggest weakness was fixed in that hop-kicks are no longer spammable against her due to 2,3 being i12. This also opened up a few new combo possibilities and made her b+2,1,3~dash~2,1,1+2 a lot easier, and apparently now allows her to pull off 3~4, ws+4, dash 1+4, 2,1,1+2 b!. Combine that with mind games from 3~4~d/b cancels (evil at wall), and the fact that d/b+4,3_b+2,4,3 are both taggable, which allows her to tag off of any launcher that she couldn't tag off of normally (as well as tag off her wall carry ender). Just to make things clear on why this gets scary...

2+3, d/b+4,3~5 works. This gives her an unchickenable punch reversal into tag combo.

d/f+2, d/b+4,3~5 works, allowing her d/f+2 to do red bar damage unlike most of the cast.

d/b+2~5 works, so she can consistently crush highs into red bar damage.

d+3+4~5 works, meaning she can crush any low outside of JC 4~2>1 consistently for red bar damage.

1+2~5 doesn't work, but 1+2, d/b+4,3~5 fixes that issue.

d/f+1+2 now gives the same stun it game on NH when it parries lows, so Asuka is now capable of a full juggle on low parry! She can dash in d/b+4,3~5 to do red bar damage.

CH b+4, b+2,4,3~5 works for red bar damage.

f+4, d/b+4,3~5 works as well.

FR is taggable as well IIRC.

The girl is an absolute menace to society with her ability to manipulate the tag system. Combine that with her new-found ability to punish -12, and her ability to force a mix-up at wall with 3~4~d/b (u/b+4 being a safe splatting option from here that all punishment attempts whiff vs giving her a free W! anyway) and you realize that she's not going to be a push-over like we had seen in T6.

Partnered with the right team-mate (one who can maximize damage after d/b+4,3), she's going to bleed opponents dry.
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