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Originally posted by saiyuk
he didnt confirm it at all. he said he didnt get launched when it got blocked. big difference, and one that contains large amounts of evidence that it has indeed been changed.

actually the person said qcf+2 was a "safe, mid tag launcher". a launcher is a move that juggles.

please limit your mistakes per post in the future. its alot easier to dig the hole than it is to climb out of it.

Well i dont have physical proof myself about d/b+3 bring "-13 on block" seeing as i havent played Tag 2 yet, but the guy seemed positive enough to confirm that he didnt get launched after a blocked d/b+3.

oh and about STFU, yes its safe and its a mid, but dont forget that it is no longer a launcher anymore meaning its not taggable. and that person who wrote that actually meant qcf+1 as mentioned in the post above this one.