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ok in the name of good will lets discuss this in a more reasonable way

1. f+3 -12 on block WHY???? must be -9 There are a lot of 16f mid hit confirmable in the game more doungerous and they are safe.

- these other character shouldn't have it. thaqts why they took out Bobs. This move is used as wall ender, juggle filler and 16f pushback punisher, so its nowhere near useless

2. f,f+2 -10 on block. I think must be -5 or +2 like Bryan's b+1

-10 is ok, most chars get only dickpunches if theres no pushback. Again such a move +2 would mean you abuse it all fukcing day long

3. f,f+3 -14? on block. Must be -12.

- I don't say anything to that

4. f,f+3,4 must be safe and mid the second. the rest like now.

- dito

5. f,f+4_f_b Must have more advantage if connect to permit to use the animal stances.

- use it after B! and your fine

6. d/b+3 -15 on block. Are you crazy?!?!?! little damage, full HC, no advantage and no CH bonus, must be -12 on block.

it's the same as everyone elses generic db+3

7. d+3 -14 on block. Must be -12

- doesn't matter at all, but ok

8. d/f+1 -5 on block. With the same properties like T6 is nonsense. If there is a delay option d/f+1>1 is right to be -5 but there isn't any delay option and the second was -10. You have to make the second safe if you leave the -5 on the first punch.

no, df+1 strings are gay

9. ss+1 Delete this command. Leave to Lei the option to use 1,2 in ss.

- swl cancel 1

10. ss+4 Delete this move. Is useless. And give to Lei the use of 4 during the ss like Law.

is actually a really good move, dito

11. 1,1,f SNK -6 if connect. Useless. Give him +1.


12. 2,1,f DRU 0. Give him +3

doesn't matter, people can interrupt anyways. DRU stance is a joke in general

13. 2,1,3+4 must be all combo in CH.

- again other chars shouldn't have that as well

14. 4,4,3,3 must be all combo in CH.

not in a tag game. too strong / safe

15. 1+2,2 must be safe the second. The opponent can SS the second. and can interrupt with 1. And this is not a single move. Must be safe.

- mix it with 1+2,1

16. f+4,2 The punch must be unrevesable if the first kick is blocked.

- if you get reversaled for that, u overuse it

17. d/f+1+2,f TGR +3 in all situation. Must have +3 on block, +5 on Hit and +10 on CH.

- +10 lol

18. d+2,2 Must be hit confirmable if the first hit is in CH. There is any signal to undestand if the fisrt is in CH or not.

- it is, as Exalted said

19. d+4,4 -15. Too much disadvantage. must be -12 or -9. Can be -15 if this combo is hit confirm on CH.

no. pushes back too far for -12. many characters cannot punish properly or have to guess DRU pushback

20. b+1+2 in CH must have free hit. Not launcher but +13 or +14.

- its already safe and highcrushing, that's ok

21. f,n+4,1,2,2,2,f DRA -4 on block. Are you crazy?!?!?! -4 is too much. For me must be +2 like the other Tekken. Because the opponent can ss very easy all the moves launched from the Dragon stance.

- what about adopting to your opponent

22. b,b+1 must be Mid.

- this move is really useless I agree, but making it mid wouldn't change anything because it never crushes anything

23. WS+2,1 must be deleyable or hitconfirmable.

isn?t it delayable?

24. FC f+2,1 must be always combo.


25. f+3+4 DRU parry. Must have +13 for free hit and reverse all high and mid moves, kicks and punches.

wha? no. should be better / give something guaranteed but punches only

26. DRU,f Parry from DRU must revers mid and high punch and not just high. Better if can revers the kick and punches.

only punches

27. DRU Throw. Must be 1 or 2 with thw same animation but differente escape button.

- I highly agree here

28. d+3+4, 4 the 4 kick must be safe on block.

why? Wanna throw it out all day long?

29. DRA,3 must be -12


30. Transition SNK>PAN must block the low hits like the old Tekken.


31. SNK 2,2,f DRA must have +2

on hit it guess

32. CRA 1 must be high crush.

why? no.

well it is quite debatable in the end^^
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