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Got to play 50 or so games yesterday. I'm finding this team to have fantastic synergy... they compliment each others weaknesses so well and add enough damage to each other to make TA a worthwhile option even with the lost red life. Aside from regular juggles, you can get a lot more hits now off of late pickups like from CH 1+2 with Lee or windmills with Jack.

I couldn't really find anything that was a definite improvement over the juggles mura suggested. The wall combos I ended up going with were
Jack starts:
(w), B!,5 into...
Lee: 4,u+3...
Jack: f+4, d/f+3+4 (70%)

This does seem strongest for raw damage and appears to be guaranteed. Timing is tricky but I felt like there was a sweet spot where people could not escape it. You can also f+4, d/b+1,1 for oki. May also work after 1,1 B!

With the (w), B!,5 into...
Lee: b+2~f,N, d/f+3,2,3... (b+2~f,N hits high wall so d/f+3,2,3 does NOT finish with a 70% hit)
Jack: d/b+1,1,1 -> oki
combo, you really seem to need a completley straight on W!. Any time I had an angle at all the d/f+3,2,3 would send them too far away for Jack to get any decent damage.

Out in the open, you can pretty much get any of Lee's fillers in TA and then hit Jack/s ff+1+2,2 afterwards so I suppose just use whichever of Lee's strings does the most damage.

Starting from Lee, practise your mist trap... the open field combo ending in MT seems to be the best in oki/damage terms. At the wall, f+4,3_WR3,4 B! (u+1+2) U/F,n,4 d/f+3,2,3 is super consistent and super meaty and it gives you the option to tag for Jack for his wall game.

One thing I did notice was that WS2,3 W! 4, u+3 f+4,3 would whiff a LOT on the second hit of f+4,3. Happened like half the time or more...maybe the changed hitbox of the flipkick is responsible.

One thing I want to work on Mura is potential non TA tag combos to start sucking red life. Got to catch up with those mishimas...
d,d/b+4~5, u+1+2, u+1+2, b+3,2,2 W! ff+1 B!~5 (TA combo) did huge, huge damage. Like 70% life if not the only problem is landing blazing kick.
I found that surprisingly Jack lacked the range/speed for anything off of WS2,3~5. The stuff I could get as advised by Mura was really difficult to time.
Lee's old b+2xn into d/f+3,2,3 wall carry staple can tag Jack in for some red life sucking wall damage.

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