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Originally posted by luksgammer360
Yeah, I thought the same, but I have seen a combo using her f+4 as a filler, so I thought it may work. The combo I saw was:

f+2, f+4, b+2,1 , b+2,1,f+1+2,1+2 (B!), ff+2,3

You can try that one aswell. Thank you!

Ah yes! I saw a combo like that the other day, but it was slightly different:

f+2, f+4, b+4,2,b+2,1,f+1+2,1+2,B!, ff+2,3.

I know it works because I'm pretty sure that's the combo I wanted to copy but I couldn't remember what the guy did after f+2. Now it makes sense.

Anyway, tonight I'm gonna play and try some stuff.