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Originally posted by Yue
I've seen combos that use b+4,2 before going to B!, but haven't learned any yet.

You can try these:
f+2, u/f+1, b+4,2 , b+2,1,f+1+2,1+2 (B!) , ff+2,3
(If b+2 doesn't connect, you can use f+3, f+1+2)
u/f+4,3 (B!), b+4,2, f+3, b+2,1,f+1+2, 2
ff+1+2, dash, d/f+2,2 (B!), b+4,2, b+2,1,4

Could you please try if this combo works?
f+2, u/f+3, b+2,1,4, f+3,f+1+2,1+2 (B!), ff+2,3

Thank you very much!