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lead /

uf3, df2, 1 2, f1+2~5 TA! db 4,3 ~5 fff+3
uf3, df2, 1 2, f1+2~5 TA! db 4,3 ~5 ff3, qcf 1 2 (better ender)
WR2~5, UF4, 2 1, 2 1 1+2, ff2 1
df2, df1, df1, 1, df3~5 TA! f2 3~5 ff3~f, qcf 1 2

That is all I have right now for lili/asuka. Most people lead Lili so finding Asuka lead ones have been a little hard to find. If my notation is wrong since I am still trying to get us to it, please let me know.

I will copy this into the Lili thread as well. Hope this helps a little.

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