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Originally posted by farhan

Going multiplat was a big folly on the part of Namco because Tekken 6 could not fully utilize the PS3 hardware and blu-ray disc space. If they are to go and make a PC version with TTT2, it'll further lower the standard of the game as they'll have to put a lot of effort in making all the three versions identical instead of devoting their efforts solely to making my PS3 version as perfect as possible

Plus, I don't see that many PC owners who have a blu-ray drive installed on their PCs or an HD DVD drive (does that even exist?)
The regular DVD simply lacks the capacity to contain so much data that the modern dauy console games pack.
Therefore, the PC version, if they decide to make it, will probably be a lackluster stripped down low-res version of the original game like Tekken 6 on PSP.


Disc space means nothing to a PC. You could release a multi-disc PC version since you INSTALL to the hard-drive, and it'd work seemlessly regardless of how many discs the installation would require.

Next, PC NEVER holds back development. A low-mid range video card right now spanks the consoles around like red headed step children. A meager GTX 460 has double the ram of the entire consoles single handedly, and literally over 10x the shader power of the consoles (if you factor in clock speed and the instructions possible per clock you're talking more like 20x).

A $150 quad core can slap the processing power of either console around like a hooker who only came up with $100 for the day. Hell, the 4 year old Q6600 is faster than what you presently see in the consoles.

In terms of system memory, you're talking between 4gb and 24gb in most systems. Compare that to the 512mb found in the consoles split between the cpu and gpu.

So basically, you'd be talking about a version of the game that could run at 2560x1440, 32xAA, 16xAF at a constant 60fps with MUCH smoother online play thanks to having more system resources to devote to the streaming of data.

So...you wouldn't want a PC port why???
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