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Originally posted by OffInBed
I chatted with Annakin, and he said that he didn't even know what the fuck was going on, and he's not used to having to block lows.
btw if I beat hiim I would have placed top 16 T_T

This says it all. He didnt know what you were doing but guess who won and who losted?

Everyone's favorite punching bag again, Feng.

Let me analyze it for you. Feng is strong in mix ups and pokes. He can be annoying when he goes crazy with mixups. But in the end, chipping 3% here and there vs jacks 70-90% juggle damage? Thats just not gonna work.

He can make 10 mistakes and it would cost him half the health bar.
You only need to make 2 mistakes and you have lost the match.

Thats the power of having high damage. About 80% of the cast has this advantage. The other 20% including Feng automatically have this DISadvantage. It sucks.

This is why turtling with Paul and Jack works. Because they can wait for an opening to pounce 70% of the bar.

Especially in a game like T6 where everything is about juggles and taking your opponent to the wall. From there its just a guessing game. Guess correctly, and you live with small health bar (to do what?). Guess incorrectly and youre gonna get pummeled again.

Playing with feng can be incredibly frustrating sometimes.