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Originally posted by WeaponX
Actually its not that easy to crouch punish df32 because you really have to be fast. I'll use df32 to bait someone to try ws launch me. If I block their launcher, then I get to punish them. But I only use this setup no more than two in a game and their character has a launch punishable while standing launcher like law.

I use this myself; df+3,2,1 will CH people for trying to WS punish you instantly in-between 3 and 2 (the 1 is the part that CHs). Hitting the 1 also leaves you at +6 on hit. Opponents often have to delay their WS punish to hit you. The only characters you never want to do this to are:

Steve, Bruce, Bob, Kuma, Kaz (their WS moves hit differently from others)

Keep in mind that you have to do the whole string as fast as possible with no delays. It's MUCH better in this game than DR. In DR it was COMPLETELY useless.
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