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Originally posted by forest16
OK, OK, but seriously, it really is only for combos. I used to be a noob, and Galen helped me to get out of that rut. That last sentence seems like something from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting!

Really? Dude, that move is not a good move. Or am I wrong?

You can do the honors!

Um d/f+3,2 isn't a bad move as long as you don't abuse it

And as ryroh said it isn't a bad move though it being -11 on block isn't that had for a move which has the range, high crushes, KND/Wallsplats on NH,CS's on CH and can home. I prefer BR d/b+2 than... Any d/b+2 she ever had even T6.0 one(which was launch punishable on block but didn't home but did unbreakable stun on NH/CH).