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Originally posted by adipati

And of course, all of that is just your opinion and it doesnt necessarily have to do with reality.

Of course, in the big picture all characters were assigned a role by Namco and Fengs role is that of a turtle based character. But just because Namco assigns a role for a character, doesnt mean its fair or doesnt mean that character is not gimped.

In fact, we have been through this discussion before. Your opinion is clearly that "you can win with any character" as long as you know everything about your opponent.

The reality however is not that simple. You keep talking and hammering on about how Feng is this great turtle that doesnt need anything else. Well, this is actually quite easy to prove. So lets do this test and see if we can win from anyone in this game with just turtling skills, shall we?

Your assumption that Feng is a good character because:
- Namco made Feng a good turtle
- we have to work with what we have and Feng has to work with what Feng was given
- that you can win from anyone with just good turtling
- and that you only need to know how to punish other characters

The test is easy. The premise is that defense is all you need and that one can win by just playing defensive. This automatically assumes that offense is not necessary and thus you are forbidden to go bulldog style. You are also forbidden to use any moves or punches and kicks. The only exception is d1. Yes, that low jab. This move has one of the weakest damage in the game and is suitable for our test.

So here are the rules:
- play defensive all match, you can use any move to evade, as long as it does not damage your opponent.
- only punish with d1

Now if your assumption/ theory is correct, you should be able to win against ANYONE. That means ANY character and against ANY opponent. As long as you understand your opponents strategy and your opponents character.

Lets see how far you will go with these rules. In fact, I would wager good money (thats how confident I am) that you would NOT win one match in the next tourney. Not one. Period.

Your theory is flawed. And this test will show that good defense is not the only thing you need to be competitive. GOOD OFFENSIVE IS JUST AS EQUALLY IMPORTANT IF NOT MORE.

So clearly, just using fengs defense isnt going to work. Or are you going to deny this too.

I'll tell you why it doesnt work. Listen carefully BECAUSE you can defend UNlimited times and still not win, while you only need to connect (juggle) a FEW times to win the match.

Thats why. You play with a timer and a health bar, son. As you can see, the game is highly favoring offense. Thats just the rule of the game and nothing you say will change that. The strongest characters are thus those who have a good balance between offense and defense. And if they are also easy to learn, they automatically become top tier. That would be Lars.

In fact, you talked about how Anakin showed that it was possible to play good turtle. The reason why it works for him, is because he plays Jack. He doesnt play Feng. He plays Jack, ok?
- Jack has extremely high damage
- Jack has a huge range box
- Jack has some hard-to-see-coming "cheap" moves.

So yes, it works for him because he is a good turtle and he has strong high damage punishment. Once he connects, he also has momentum on his side. Tell me, how does Jack even resemble Feng.
And btw from all the video's I have seen, Anakin got demoted 6 times in Korea. Thats only the matches that were recorded. Only the good lord will know how many times he got demoted outside those videos. Thats how flawed turtling is.

You talked about Hao. Well, almost every other character has a Tekken god player and the best Feng is Tekken Emperor. Prolly the only Feng in those ranges too. So whats your point. Hao stands at lonely heights. No other Fengs up there.

You know, there is a good reason why Feng is rated at the BOTTOM 20% at C tier by gamers currently for Tekken Tag 2. Why deny the obvious. I didnt wrote that tier list but I still saw it coming (like 6 months ago) and its quite easy to understand why he is bottom at the moment. I think all the people reading our discussions, the majority have long known Feng doesnt sound appealing to play. Its just a few of you who are still denying the obvious.

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