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Originally posted by noodalls
You can't buffer the f,N into the buffer window for f,N,4, no particular reason but it just doesn't work. You can buffer the f,N of f,N,F+4 into the buffer window, no particular reason.

Therefore f,N,4 is 2 frames slower than its stated execution, while f,N,F+4 is 1.

Right! I understand that the "f,n" can not be buffered for f,n,4.
What I was requesting you test (at your convenience) is if the "f" can be buffered.
In otherwords, I know f,n,4 can not be done in 10 frames. I'm wondering if it can be done in 11 frames... by holding "f" during recovery frames, and releasing "f" on the first active frame.
I tried to explain somewhere in my super long post, how holding f while in recovery allows it to buffer. Try it with your hands and see what I mean.
If it is not possible, how do we describe what is happening with the held "f"? Would we say that it is in fact being buffered, but not for any gain in frames?
Sorry for second guessing you... I'm not sure if you actually tested it with the Pstick or if you were just offering me what is thought to be common knowledge.
Thank you again!
& again I apologize if you did already do this with your homemade treasure finder. Your explanation left me wondering.

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