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Frame Data for Lei's f+3+4 and Dru~f Punch Parries

This data gives the active parry windows and shows how soon the parries can be repeated.
Originally posted by noodalls
f+3+4 Frame 5-25
DRU F+3+4 Frame 5-25.
DRU~F+3+4 first input on F33. (Note, you can't seem to do f+3+4, it will give DRU 3+4, you actually have to press the f for at least a frame before 3+4. The F33 refers to the 3+4 part, with the F from F32.)

DRU~f = Parry window 1-20.
First accepted input from F32 after f+3+4 on F1.

So, f+3+4 and DRU F+3+4 both become active after 5 frames. You could do f+3+4 then f on F32, followed by F+3+4 on F52, which by my thinking would parry on F5-25, 33-52 and 57-77. Give or take a frame.
After parry DRU~f on F32, Lei can attack on F34, opponent on F68 (+34?).

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