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Atleast! Some decent people using Feng! I dont know who using him, but he plays quite good.
So happy. Its about time we sees something new and fresh.

Feng/Lili VS Lei/Jin

Feng/Bruce VS Xiaoyu/Alisa

Mokujin/Devil Jin VS Feng/Law

Feng/Lili VS Miguel/Steve

Baek/Asuka VS Dragonov/Feng

Kazuya/Dragonov VS Wang/Feng

King/Marduk VS Feng/Dragonov

Paul/Bryan VS Feng/Lili

Raven/Feng VS Paul/Lee

Jack-6/Bob VS Lei/Feng

Jin/Feng VS Raven/Nina

Jun/Feng VS Heihachi/Lars

Feng/Paul VS Jun/Baek

Paul/Feng VS Hwoarang/Jinpachi

Feng/Lili VS Hwoarang/Feng

Feng/Lili VS Hwoarang/Devil Jin

Baek//Feng VS Jaycee/Lei

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