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Frame Data for Standing from Default Grounded Positions (not Lei's special grounded stances)

Originally posted by noodalls
Standard disclaimer: M2TS files. View with avidemux and analyse frame by frame. Viewable on PS3 or with VLC. PStick used where necessary.


Retested this with PStick and Hauppauge. Pressing up is considered F0. Couldn't connect on F1 of SLD (if you watch the movie, you'll see that db+3 actually hits on F2, meaning that is has more than 1 active frame), otherwise all frames are vulnerable.
RP appears on the frame where P2 db+3 is input to help understand timing. May vary by 1F on occasion.

F1-10 vulnerable
F11 can block

F1-10 vulnerable
F11-15 OB
F16 can block

F1 invulnerable
F2-5 vulnerable, remains SLD
F6-15 vulnerable, change to KND
F16 can block

F1-5 vulnerable, remain FCD
F6-18 OB
F19 can block

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