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Nice! Thanks again for your time and efforts.

I just recorded this and put it on youtube. link to watch ---> CLICK HERE
Right before I started recording, I got it to combo 6 times for 48 damage and was doing it in the open!!
Once I got my phone propped up on some boxes and started to record, I didn't get more than 3.

Looking at your frame by frame pictures was very interesting. Here I thought that I was inputting the second b+1 at F23 or F24. In reality, it was on F28 ?? It seems then that the opponent has 3 active frames that they can either duck or block. This would mean that the combo is NOT natural and my dream of actually discovering an infinite JF combo has been shattered.

We have instead discovered a JF fake combo. (unless you can do this to a dummy set to 'stand to block')

I was trying it with the dummy set to crouch. I would first hit the dummy with a Razor Rush 1 because f,n,1 gives Lei +11 on hit when opponent is crouching. Then, I was trying to combo b+1,b+1.... The opponent kept ducking under my second b+1 attempt. I wasn't sure if my timing was off, or if it just wasn't going to work. It seems that those 3 active frame windows ruin it.

I know it's pointless, but it would be hella cool if you programmed the stick to do this infinitely, and then posted a video of Lei winning a round after doing this 23 times. 23 hit combo - 184 damage! Would leave a lot of people scratching their heads.

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