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Sir, I thank you very much for taking the time to do that. You have given a great visual analysis of the frame data for:
1 = +8 on hit
f+1 = +8 on hit
b+1 = also +8 on hit
b+1,1 = -16 on hit

I am however disappointed that you were unable to get b+1 to combo with b+1.
I suppose that I'm going to have to record myself performing the b+1,b+1,b+1... combo.
I hope that my visual evidence will help others that might try, as well as prove it's possibility.

Originally posted by noodalls
b+1, 1 input on F25 hits on F37 as predicted by buffer window.

I assume that this was for the b+1,b+1 test (not for the b+1,1 combo) because you noted that the Input Window for the extension in the b+1,1 and b+1,2 combos is between frames 1-11 (with b+1 being input on frame 0).
The important thing is...
b+1, with b+1 input on F25 is what we are trying to test.
I would actually suggest trying the second b+1 on F24 (or even F23) in order for it (a i10 move) to connect while dummy is still blue (on F33 or F34). I'm unsure if your P-stick was holding B after the first b+1. If so, then the commands were input correctly. If not, it may be necessary to hold B while inputting the moves, but I just checked your video again and it appears that you did that (though I'm unsure).

Maybe, it is necessary to be slightly off-axis. As I said before, I've got this to work in the open and when aligned straight with the opponent. But Lei naturally moves side to side when left in neutral, and I may have actually been slightly off to the side. After watching and trying TONY-T's Lei Wulong MAX DAMAGE combos, I know that the hit-box's can act strangely when slightly off-axis (or after a side-step). I first discovered the b+1,b+1,b+1 combo while in practice mode with Lei against Lei. I suggest however, that you practice this against a character that does not have movement while left neutral. A stationary dummy will help limit the variables, if doing this combo off-axis is indeed necessary.

Maybe, if you were able to try this with the training dummy's back against a wall, you might find success. I stated that I have been successful performing this in the open, but I find it much easier with the dummy against a wall or in a corner. This may have to do with the push-back and spacing. I play on Xbox and when we (Xbox players) go into practice mode, we have to select a stage. I was unaware of that cool looking open stage in the PS3 training mode.

Again - thank you for investigating and attempting this!

I have a very low quality capture device and I haven't used it for a couple years. Allow me the time to get the stupid thing hooked back up and upload a video to youtube. I believe it may trigger your interest and convince you to retry.

EDIT: I just realized I can record this on my TV screen with my phone camera. So I apologize ahead of time for the poor video quality, but this will be easier and get the job done the fastest.
coming soon...

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