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Hey, i've been following this discussion lately. And maybe i need to share my opinions, so that newbies dont just take it for granted what other players has shared. and i dont say that what i posted will be the right one either. it just my humble opinions.

So, i'll address my opinions by some statements here and there:

Originally posted by Kiwi
This is one of the problems I have with Feng. His moves are so gimped. Namco doesnt give a shit.

i think Namco has done a very good job in keeping the game interesting. Its not easy you know, to keep a balanced game with this 40 different characters. Some character are made strong, and some are "not-strong". Some are suitable for pittbullers, some are ranged, some are turtles, some are trickster or both. Harada and his team just want to make Feng just the way he is. if some people dont like his assests, then move. theres plenty of characters to choose. if anyone already likes him, then accept for what he is and shut up.

Originally posted by Kiwi
Just watch a few youtube TTT2 videos man. Game is still highly favoring offensive characters and juggles still take half your energy bar. That means if a turtle like Feng whiffs...well say bye bye to half your life bar.

Then dont whiff. Read your opponents movement carefully, and punish ACCORDINGLY. if you whiffed, that is your own damn fault.

Originally posted by Kiwi
But Julia still scary as hell and its mostly Jack6 anyway. I wonder how much of those wins were really contributed by Feng. Cos imo it seemed more like 65% jack, 35% Feng to me.

If you said that Julia and Jacks are better than Feng then you didnt know anything about them or dont judge them fairly. Once again i need to remind everyone to use examples to defend your statements.

Lets make a comparison between these three character.

1. Based on frame of execution.

? -10: 12 (17 dmg, +)
? -12: f21 (20 dmg)
? -15: qcf2 (launch), uf4,3 (launch)
? -16: df2,1 (launch)

Low punishing:
? -11: ws4 ( dmg, +)
? -14: FCdf4,3
? -16: ws1 (launch)
? -18: ws21 (launch)

? -10: f2 (15 dmg, +5)
? -11: 2,1 (22 dmg, +2)
? -12: db1 (13 dmg, +3)_df4
? -13: df3+4 (30 dmg, knd)
? -14: df1 (12 dmg, +4)_f1,2 (26 dmg, +7)
? -15: f1+2 (20 dmg, knd)_df2
? -16: ff1 (28 dmg, knd)_df32 (42 dmg, knd)
? -19: ff2
? -22: b,db,d,df+2
? -29: EMGF aka hcf,df1
Low punishing:
? -11: ws4 (20 dmg, +5)
? -15: ws2 (doesn't launch crouchers)
? -16: ws32 (same as df32)_ws1

? -10: 122 (29 dmg, +3)_ 13 (26 dmg, +5)_ 24 (21 dmg, -1)
? -12: b4 (15 dmg)
? -13: b1+2 (28 dmg, KND)
? -15: uf4 (launch)
? -20: f34 (launch, -16)
Low punishing:
? -11: ws4 (13 dmg, +8)
? -15: ws3 (launch)

2. Based on frame of punishing.

Standing punishing launcher:
Julia, Jack6 and Feng has to wait until -15f to launch people:
? Julia qcf2_uf4,3
? Jack df2
? Feng uf4

Low launcher:
? Feng: db4_ss4
? Julia: 1211 (you should see it from miles away, since no mixup from 121)
? Jack6: NONE

Low punishing launcher:
? Feng: ws3 (i15f)
Both Julia and Jack6 has to wait until -16f to launch. So a blocked Feng's db3 is safe from getting launched.
? Julia: ws1 (i16f)
? Jack6: ws1 (i16f) note: Jack6 ws2 is i15f and launch. but cant launch a chrouched opp.

Based on frame of punishing and type of launchers, Feng is better, since he has low launchers and could punish a blocked low attack by 15f.

To compared the three of them based on their gameplays is rather absurd, since the three of them has different characteristics. Like Julia's attacks is VERY LINEAR and sidestepped-able. And Jack6 has long arms but short legs. While Feng is a long range punishers. But between these three, only Feng that has tracking moves, in b4.

Jack6 win in damage department. Julia win in mixups (a very high risk, but also high reward). And Feng is a great Turtle. But if i want to see whose better between those three, i will say, Feng is better. Hao is once a TekkenGod. While Yuu is still a great competitor. Envy is good with Julia since they havent familiar with his Julia's set ups. While nobody except Anakin reach the top with Jack6.

Originally posted by THE SCRUB ZILLA

Some say he's easy to use but that's a half truth that will only stretch but so far. To execute his moves compared to other characters is simple. But to execute his moves properly compared to others takes a hell of a lot more skill. His moves get easy to read after a moment so a proper understanding of his moveset to mix people up is necessary.That's why many who pick Feng up begin to realize after some time which is why not that many people use him. Feng is actually pretty decent in T6. He's no S tier but he's far from helpless against a Lars, Nina, or Law for that matter. Feng just takes more dedication.

Oh Feng is relatively easy to use allright. Everyone could learn him and managed to memorize all his staple juggles in 2-3 hours of training. But, just like Paul, and many other character. Feng lack of various tools (like a 12f KND moves), is kept him from being a Upper Tier character. So yes. We have to look, the better use of his already given moves. Like uf2. Who would've imagine its potential? Or the discussed-many ws1? Thats why im very encourage every players to research, share and discuss their thoughts. Who would've know we would find more godlike setup or guaranteed damage.
Im all agree with you bro. Feng takes more dedication.

Originally posted by kiwi

Also, you guys need to check out the character rankings of TTT2. So far, Feng is only listed as C tier. I knew it! I have been saying that half a year ago and people here attacked me for it. Who is laughing now. It was obvious from the start. If you truly know Feng in and out, you will know he received very little boosts to cover his lacks.

Who the hell still checked that rankings? Do you really need to know how people think about your character? Tekken 6 is already 6 years. But every high level players must be agree, that the ranks is very biased, and based on the people who used that character.

Originally posted by kiwi

Where is his new low high. If it is so special, than why isnt anyone using it. I thought it was supposed to be Fengs "nerfed version" of Julia's low high. Ill take it, even a nerfed version of it. But nobody is using it, so its either incredibly shitty or its incredibly shitty.

You cant really believe everything you saw on those vids. Its still an early phase. People need time to get feel of the game systems.

Originally posted by kiwi

Also, lets be realistic here man. Even Hao is 50% win only.
And more likely than not, if its someone you never played against, you probably lose the first two matches before you can readapt to his style. Thats Feng for ya.

Why do know about HAO? HAO is STIL ranked Tekken Emperor. If you judged his 50% ratio by his achievement in TekkenCrash, then, do you know how hard it is to compete in High Level Tourney? Even the Godlike Ressurection is fail misserably.

And why you said that WE need the first two match before we adapt to our opponents style? It maybe just you. But here, I'M the one makes people adapt with me. Theyre the one that losing the first two match. Not me. Feng is a Trickster. Why dont you use him properly. Make people keep guessing. Keep the range to our advantage, and punish with Feng MANY long range punishers.

Originally posted by kiwi

I have been playing feng since T5. Not T5DR. But T5. Thats 6 years now. I am no n00b.
I spoke nothing but truth. Yea, if you can play Feng like a rock solid turtle, Feng can be good. Yea if you have incredible patience, than Feng can be rewarding.

Why dont you think most of everyone here, has played Feng the same time as you?
You spoke truth. I believe you. You just to concern with what other people said about Feng, especially his TIERS. And judge by your statement, maybe youre the one that doesnt has the patience to play Feng. If you dont have incredible patience, why dont you start developing one, and start winning. We all did.

Originally posted by THE SCRUB ZILLA

I've stuck with him and its been paying off. Maybe there's something going on with your strategy that causes you to experience issues with the competition.

Good point!

Originally posted by THE SCRUB ZILLA

I mean damn, Kuma isn't anywhere near A or B tier yet I know a guy who constantly places top 3 with him in tournaments in VA.

Right. only justifying my statement earlier. TIER is debateable. But skill is fact.

Originally posted by THE SCRUB ZILLA

The MVC series is the epitome of this truth. The same applies with characters in T6. Work with what you have. It's going to be a damn shame to see all the new Zafina and Yoshimitsu bandwagon players that will arrive once TTT2 hits the states. They were among the most ignored character but their latest upgrades will have people swarming.

i played various fighting game too. So im gonna quoted a very famous words in MVC3.

"you could nerfed the character. But you could not nerfed the PLAYER".

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