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Originally posted by THE SCRUB ZILLA
No, that's Feng for YOU. I dont tend to get bodied after the first 2-3 games I have against fresh opponents. df+4, b+4, ff+2, d/b+3, uf+2 or uf+1 are all good moves to use against Alisa. Fighting a spammy character isn't entertaining but lets be honest, if you're actually a decent Feng player you shouldn't keep falling into the same traps that bad/spamming players execute. I could care less about Alisa being a spammy character or the center of attention in the new movie. What I'm saying is that she has taken a nosedive in tiers and at least none of the people that use her are freaking out. Quite frankly, I dont have any nagging issues fighting Alisa/Lars/Law/Steve/Eddie/Nina when using Feng. I cant speak for everyone but I can speak for myself on that.

I have been playing feng since T5. Not T5DR. But T5. Thats 6 years now. I am no n00b.
I spoke nothing but truth. Yea, if you can play Feng like a rock solid turtle, Feng can be good. Yea if you have incredible patience, than Feng can be rewarding.

That is however just your version of reality and does not take into account what other players can do with other characters. Half the time when youre getting rushed, you will slip and you will get launched. It matters not who you are against with. You will crack. Nobody has perfect defense. It happens to everyone. And when you crack, say bye bye to 70% or 95% of your health bar if youre against the wall.

Its nice to say how you can do this and that if you just play turtle and dont rush to make mistakes, but the simple fact is I can pick up some other character and deal almost twice the damage feng does with half the effort. So yea, when people say Feng is B tier in T6, he really is just B tier. No, they didnt lie, no they didnt bash Feng. It really is an accurate portrayal of reality that almost anything that Feng can do, someone else can do it better.

So when they now say that Feng is C tier, it most likely is an accurate reality. Especially when you have good knowledge of Feng inside and out, you will know it is probably the case. Sure, its not 100% final and its still early. But youre sounding like those people half a year ago kept saying "No, no, kiwi, the game is not final yet, just wait and be patient, Im sure Feng will be upgraded etc etc"

Well, that was 6 months ago. The game is out now. Guess what, it happened. Feng got nerfed. lol.

To constantly keep saying that its not final yet, well, youre setting yourself up for massive disappointment. Lets face it, at this stage, there is about 0% chance Feng will end up as top tier.
You have 10% chance of Feng getting upgraded to B tier.

I wouldnt hold my breath if I were you. Im not bashing Feng. I play Feng. I want him to be strong. But Im also REALISTIC.

The only 2 good things I have seen so far, are his 2,4 into BT and his 3,3 into BT.
These 2 moves are what Feng needed cos his BT strategy has seriously lacked so far. It was very hard to set up BT close enough to your opponent. But these moves will do just that. From there, you can set them up. If they backdash, you can cancel BT and go for regularly set ups etc.

Feng will need his trickery and mindgames more than ever now.

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