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Personally I think DVK will be stronger, ff2 mid is awesome and uf1+2 in juggles is so good. I don't know if you mean ws1,2 or df1,2 (I think that was the notation for dvk) but I think both are -13 for DVK. I know df1,2 is -13 in the t2 build I played atleast. But it's i15 so that makes punishment very safe for tournament play which is always good.

ss2 is as useless as it ever was, negative a billion and just a stupid hail mary move overall. That being said df1,2 with regular kaz is very good for some juggles where you need it to bound or to do the stomp/b2 mixup. Also the new ff2 is very good with the high version as well for long range whiffpunish and some other punish situations such as blocked hei ff2.
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