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I have just discovered something by accident that is very interesting. I've been trying to do tests on this, but am finding it very difficult. I'm under the impression that noodalls is the man to go to when dealing with something this technical and complicated. Here is the frame data I have (via InaTekken and testing) and what I'm dealing with...

Lei's basic standing right jab:
2 = 12 damage, i10, +1 on block, +7 on hit
2,1 = 12,15 damage, natural combo, -8 on block, +3 on hit

It is well known that when f+2 is input, the right jab is slower but will do one more point of damage. The data listed is:
f+2 = 13 damage, i12, (it's assumed to be the same on block and hit as above, but not confirmed)
f+2,1 = 13,15 damage, natural combo, (also assumed to be the same as above, but not confirmed)

Lei's basic standing left jab:
1 = 8 damage, i10, +1 on block, +8 on hit
1,1 = 8,14 damage, natural combo, -8 on block, +3 on hit
1,2 = 8,14 damage, natural combo, -1 on block, +6 on hit

The left jab can also has different properties depending on the input. This is the move in question and the move that we will be studying. Here is the data I have, but I'm not sure if it is completely accurate (I'll explain later)...
f+1 is considered the same move and = 8 damage, i10, +1 on block, +8 on hit
f,f+1 is listed as the same move, but is i11 (because of the extra "f" input)

The data listed here -->Lei Wulong Basic Skills says that b+1 is also the same left jab...
b+1 = 8 damage, i10, +1 on block, +8 on hit
But we know for a fact that the move b+1 is NOT the same. This is easily proven by looking at the extension b+1,1. At first glance, it appears to be the same move as 1,1. They DO after all have the same animation. But...
b+1,1 = 8,7 damage, natural combo, (frame data unknown, but opponent has considerably better recovery time when looking at 'hit analysis' in practice mode. The opponent appears to have + frames leaving Lei negative on hit?!?!)
Not to mention, the data listed here -->Lei Wulong 10-string Skills contradicts the data given in the first link ("Lei Wulong Basic Skills"), and says that b+1 is NOT the same as Standing 1...
b+1 = 8 damage, i10, +1 on block, +7 on hit
The extension b+1,2 is without question a different move (with a completely different animation than 1,2), because it is the entry to his 10-string. Data for this move is irrelevant, but I will give it anyway...
b+1,2 = 8,9 damage, natural combo, -22 on block, -11 on hit, KNDc if b+1 whiffs, and leaves Lei BT.

So, we can say definitively that there is something different about b+1. Not only does it start the 10-string, but there seems to be some debate/confusion as to what the recovery time is after b+1 hits the opponent. We've been given two values... +8 and +7. Now, if you don't already have a headache, here comes the real brain teaser...

After much experimenting, I believe that BOTH of the above given values for b+1 on hit are inaccurate. I have been able to make b+1 combo with itself! Annotation is b+1,b+1,b+1.... !!!!!!
Let me say that this is not some "training mode glitch" because I've tested it in matches and got it to work. I can not get the normal 1 jab or the f+1 jab to repeat themselves in this way. Is it possible that b+1 is i9 and +9 on block?
I'm not sure if this can be done infinitely or not. I've made it combo up to four hits before my timing failed me and the combo stopped. Damage is 8,8,8,8... I'm also not sure if this is a natural combo, or if so, for how long. I've not even attempted this with the training dummy set to "stand to block" because it normally takes a few hits before I start to get the timing down.
When in practice mode, I've had the most success when putting the dummy in the corner although I've also done this in the open (Manji Valley, Hidden Retreat, etc.). Once I start the punches, I continue to hold BACK the entire time, which makes it considerably easier. I've also noticed that when Lei performs b+1, he slightly moves to his left. When you continually do b+1's Lei circles around the opponent ever so slow. For this reason, I thought that it might be necessary for Lei to be slightly off-axis for the combo to work, but I've made it happen straight on as well. Practicing this makes me feel like Lei is punching a speed bag repeatedly with only his left hand.

Could this be a Just-Frame infinite combo? If so, it's near impossible to do at all, nevermind consistently!

In the end, I've come to the conclusion that the b+1 jab is not only the start of Lei's 10-string... it's also a fucking mystery! A mystery that I'd like to solve. My problem is that I do not have a programmable game pad to reproduce this with consistency, nor do I have a capture device that can record at 60 fps.... which is why I'm asking for help. I understand that this would take a lot of time to do and test. You may be too busy to look into this. I also understand that this game is about to be replaced by TTT2, and for that reason, it's possible you may not have any interest to look into this at all. So, anyways, thanks for the time you took to read this and SUPER THANKS if you decide to investigate. Besides, I don't see why this won't all still apply in the new game.

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