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Originally posted by Kiwi
Yes, allisa is one of those matches that I hate. Feng is particularly weak against Allisa. Hard to punish her lows unless using ff3 to launch. Almost all his long range moves gets easily crushed by spamming allisa's. Hey everyone hated her, thats why she plummeted. Lets not kid ourselves. She is a no skill character. I could literally pick her up and troll n00bs all day. It is quite telling that a new character like Allisa is already a superstar in the new Tekken CGI movie. That says it all about priorities of characters in the minds of the folk at Namco.

But Im not here talking about Allisa. She has a reason to plummet in the ranks. Whats Fengs reason?

Also, lets be realistic here man. Even Hao is 50% win only.
And more likely than not, if its someone you never played against, you probably lose the first two matches before you can readapt to his style. Thats Feng for ya.

No, that's Feng for YOU. I dont tend to get bodied after the first 2-3 games I have against fresh opponents. df+4, b+4, ff+2, d/b+3, uf+2 or uf+1 are all good moves to use against Alisa. Fighting a spammy character isn't entertaining but lets be honest, if you're actually a decent Feng player you shouldn't keep falling into the same traps that bad/spamming players execute. I could care less about Alisa being a spammy character or the center of attention in the new movie. What I'm saying is that she has taken a nosedive in tiers and at least none of the people that use her are freaking out. Quite frankly, I dont have any nagging issues fighting Alisa/Lars/Law/Steve/Eddie/Nina when using Feng. I cant speak for everyone but I can speak for myself on that.
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