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Originally posted by orochimaru
I Like the Changes for feng. Although in the "TTT2 Tier" Thread, Feng is only C in the list. I'm not sure why but I think feng is a little bit buffed.

BT d+3 Staggers on block but after seeing this video....

I hope this works for not only bigs but for small/medium aswell

Well, I have been saying that for 6 months, back in the T6 Feng thread, but got blasted for it. But it seems the pro's all agree with me. Feng is C. Enough said.

Even though Feng got boosted, you have to understand that Feng is not the only character in the game. When everyone else gets boosted the same or more, you would still drop a spot when all it taken into account.

The new moves dont excite me. The low-high is the only one Im interested in. They say it happens so fast, its like a nerfed version of Julia's low-high. I will take that.

The 3,3,4 is not as strong as it seems. Sure if it connects you get automatic free stomp. But against pro's, dont bet your money on it. They can see it coming a mile away. Its not that hard to just block it or worse: low parry.

I watched some other video's that had Fengs shoulder deal MASSIVE damage (non rage). But your video only showed puny damage. I dunno whats up with that. Bring back Fengs shoulder please.