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A couple updates:
b34 1+42 d2 - after the bound, i was just doing ff23, but you can actually do b214 for more damage. I think they're a little too far for b21 1+2 stuff, but I can double check some other time.

From WS3 and opp bt f2 or cancans - b21 (or 21) b21 f1+2 1+2 b! ff23. You can get 2 reps of the b21 in, even on a BT opponent. It's pretty good damage considering the opp being back turned usually messes up your combos.

After can can kicks, You can also do b42 f3 f1+2 1+2 b! ff23. Instead of just the b21 series, this might be more damage...

Also, 21 is an NC. She has this crazy string 2143, and I dunno how much of it is an NC, where it NCs, where its an NCC etc. It's 21 into a mid knee into another really quick kick. Something to look out for I guess.

And yes, b+211 is a wall string (tho i usually am too used to Asukas f+14, so I do that, but b211 will work too)
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