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Originally posted by SSJ-Luffy
rollyourmother, can you try this:

d/f+2, b+3+4~5, Tag Combo
Just curious, if this one will work and if the Tag out is fast enough.

Even if the Tag is fast enough, df+2 doesn't launch very high - by the tiem you input the b+3+4, the opponent already touches the ground. :c

Also, seems that a b+3+4.3+4 (first part whiffed) still causes a regular bounce (not a B!) on hit (as seen in here). Can you test if we can Tag in the second hit of b+3+4.3+4 in these conditions, to verify if we can do a regular Tag to combo in, rollyourmother? If so, things are starting to get a little better.

Also, from the same vid, we can see her new DES b+2.1 move. (the second hit seems a special mid for some reason)

By the way, regarding her f+4.1.4 as a bound ender... where is confirmed that the string is less damaging than her old staple ones (ff+2.3 and uf+3.2) when used in juggles? From a few vids, the damage on f+4.1.4 is at least on par with uf+3.2 - which isn't bad at all.