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Originally posted by green)Lei
good contributions, keep it up!

do you take the frames from this google spreadsheet?

Well, I just returned to Tekken after a 6 year hiatus, so I'm currently in "study mode"!!
I have been making myself a Totally Complete list of frame data by comparing, testing, and compiling the info provided here...
Ina Tekken's Frame Data (Translated to English) - Just copy and paste the following link into your browser making sure there are no spaces (I see a space between livedoor. and jp%)---> translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwiki.livedoor. jp%2Finatekken%2Fd%2F%25a5%25ec%25a5%25a4%25b8%25c
with the information provided here...
Ina's Frame Data Translated @ Avoiding the Puddle and here... Google Spreadsheet of T6BR Lei's Frame Data - by Kakitajamie
and I use the move properties listed here...
Tekken Zaibatsu's Tekken 6 Move Lists
to help understand some of the side-notes and move properties listed on Ina's website.

Another someone in a previous post listed this as well...
Links to some data from an Arcadia issue

I've found a couple errors and contradictions between the lists. I assume they are most likely typos.
I will be adding some more "contributions" soon. I enjoy analyzing the data/numbers and creating theoretical situations to then go and test. I think I've come up with some cool stuff that I can share with you guys. It's probably stuff everyone already knows, but it's almost ALL new to me.

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