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Originally posted by Brahma
About f,f+3:
-So it knocks down FDFA?
-Can you float with b+2,1_d/f+1 if they try to stand/roll after?
-It hits grounded right?
-What do you get for free on hit after? d+4_d/b+4_1+2_u/f+3+4 or another f,f+3?

Other than that:
-Can you test frames on b+2,1? Both execution and recovery? How good is WS+1_4 at stuffing moves after?
-Does WS+2 launch to the T6 normal hit height or CH height?
-Can you see if f,f+3+4 hits grounded now?

- yep (EDIT: Actually, hold on a sec. It might result in FUFT. Will update. Sorry...)
- yep - This is why I used to think it allowed this kind of follow-up on CH (EDIT: EDIT immediately above does not affect this answer)
- of course
- yep, yep, yep, probably not guaranteed (but similar to d/f+2+3 in that most people will probably eat it, anyway), highly unlikely (but I will confirm), and you forgot d/f+3 (which would be: "- yep")

- testing frames is kinda tough for me, because I'm not good enough to do more than just try to win against the local competition. I might be able to get some kind of info against the CPU on an open machine, but you might have to take that with a bit of a grain of salt. Best guess would be that either option you mentioned would be uninterruptible if the 1 hits. Which reminds me: I need to check on NC(c) status of (b+2),1,2_d+2, which should be easy enough to get against badly-timed tags.
- Yeah, sorry for not being clearer with my previous post, but another way to say it is that ws+2 does not get a higher launch on CH, like it does in T6.
- On a lark, I tried this as a TA assist move - meaning that the opp had been B!-ed. It didn't hit at all, which leads me to think it doesn't hit grounded, although maybe if you got close enough for Ganny's belly to make contact, it might produce a different result. Also, I want to check this out with a partner who has a class 1 launcher near a balcony.

Example (w/Jack starting): d+1+2~5, f,f+3+4 (balcony break back to Jack), (some few more hits)

Could be... really painful...

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